How to choose the right keywords?

Do tail words early in the collation and analysis of the keywords is very important and must be considered when we choose a keyword is a value, relevance, and a good grasp of it then a Keywords can be extended, of course, for the understanding of the friends of the project or product is relatively easy and can be extended through the relevant keywords, of course, if not very familiar with the product also does not matter in front talked about Keyword selection above, there are many ways and means it is suitable for when we do the keyword selection using. A product or part of the keyword extended to several hundreds and then during each keyword selection and analysis, analyzed several aspects from the start.

1. User experience
Is not in line with the user’s search habits and requirements, everyone will have the same meaning when search from additional keywords to search, understand their ideas and meaning, selected for different Internet users.

2. Correlation
Products are very likely for a product may be because of the change of a word then it may become another industry, such as balers and packing tape machine is not the same kind of products, so when doing to note that, even if people do not know much about you can find some of the project to understand, or to finally find their own path to spend a large amount of human and material resources, the results that they are moving in the opposite direction to go.
3. Keywords Value
Keyword value certain point of view, this is us in the choice of a key, if one of the words do not have any value, we do not have to do the optimization necessary, so the judge a keyword value type is a comprehensive consideration factors, to determine the value of a long tail keyword from the search habits, Google’s index, SER, search results related degree.